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Safedriving Motor Engineers Pvt Ltd had its inception in 2008.We have now become the Leading Automotive Valuation Firm in Sri Lanka.Our professionalism, Unbiased Opinions ,Integrity and Value added Services are some of the reasons for this. CareDrive Valuations are recognized by All the Banks (Private & Government), Finance/Insurance Companies & Diplomatic Services.

We are specialized in Appeasing All Kind of Motor Vehicles (Including Motor Cycles & Three Wheels ) Machinery, Plant & Equipment.

Auto valuation a comprehensive vehicle evaluation package to help determine the quality of the vehicle. With Auto Value India, get the speed of automation and the assurance of physical inspection. Our qualified engineers take care to thoroughly inspect the vehicle across a comprehensive checklist and provide a detailed evaluation report, including vehicle history.

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What Is Used Car Valuation?

Used car valuation is the process of determining the price of a used car in a given time period. Valuing a used car takes into account the make, model, year, variant, and kms driven to offer a fair price range for the car. By using a used car valuation, you can accurately price your car when you are ready to sell your car.

How does the Spinny car valuation tool work?

The Spinny used car valuation provides an instant online quote based on the information you provide about your car. The information required includes the brand, model, and variant of your car, as well as the year of manufacture, distance driven, number of previous owners and the city the car is registered in. Based on these parameters, our algorithm provides a quote that is based on the current market demand for your car, its recent market sales and data from over 5 lakh market transactions.

What are the important factors that determine the value of a used car?

The major factors that determine the value of a used car are the brand, make, model, and variant of the car. In addition to this, the distance driven, number of previous owners, and year of manufacture are other important factors that influence the value of your car. Finally, the current condition of your car also determines the price of your car.

Tips to get a better used car valuation online

To ensure you get the best valuation for your car, ensure that your car is regularly maintained at an authorised service centre and only genuine parts are used to replace parts when required. Keeping the interior of your car clean and well-maintained will also help you get better value when you want to sell your car. Repair any minor dents and scratches on the car but avoid replacing any body panels. Lastly, securely store all your documents of your car, including the original RC, PUC, and all service records.

Things that can reduce a car’s value

One factor that can reduce your car’s value is an incomplete service record, which could indicate improper care. Adding aftermarket accessories that modify the performance and exterior of the car can also negatively impact your car’s resale value. If repairs have been made to the chassis of the car, it indicates that the car has been in an accident and will significantly impact the car’s value.

What We Consider?

  • Vehicle Identification
  • Confirmation of Originality
  • Year of Manufacture Confirmation
  • Base Value
  • Average Market Value
  • Vehicle Condition (Running, Mechanical, Electrical, Body, Interior)
  • Extra Functions Fitted by Manufacturer & Owner
  • Modifications
  • History of the Vehicle
  • Accident Repair